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Fabienne Vailes – UK expert on well-being in education

Fabienne Vailes is a UK expert on emotional and mental well-being within the education sector.

As an educational expert with over 20 years’ experience in the sector, Fabienne is on a mission to change the face of education  – embedding well-being into the curriculum to create an environment where both students and staff flourish and develop the mental agility and resilience to succeed both academically and in the workplace.

Author of The Flourishing Student – Every Tutors’ Guide to Promoting Mental Health, Well-being and Resilience in HE,  Fabienne presents her ground-breaking Flourishing Student Model, which is also the focus of further research under a Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching Fellowship awarded by the University of Bristol.

Fabienne has extensive experience of teaching across all age groups (from nursery to primary, secondary, FE and HE as well as adult learners) including French Language Director at the University of Bristol, specialising in Intercultural Competence and Communication, and Associate of BILT. She therefore has an unusually wide appreciation of the issues facing learner (and teachers) at all levels and a great understanding of pedagogy and what enhances student learning through innovative scholarship.

She was Academic Advisor for the HEE Pearson Commission on the mental wellbeing of NHS staff and learners. Fabienne is also a qualified Master NLP Practitioner (JSNlp), professional coach, Mindfulness teacher and is qualified in clinical and advanced hypnosis (UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences) with a specialism in stress and anxiety. She is also a professional member of the Mindfulness Association.

An inspirational speaker, Fabienne gave a Keynote at the ‘Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship (ESLTIS) Conference in July 18 and at UWE  during their February 2019 ‘Festival of Learning’.

Through her business – Flourishing Education Ltd – Fabienne works internationally, offering talks, workshops, programmes and private sessions for leaders, teachers and learners of all levels.

Creator of a flourishing model of well-being for all actors in the field of education.

Flourishing Education